"The combat is fast paced and frantic, requiring the player to be mindful of their surroundings, survivor locations and how much ammo they have left. [...] In what is possibly one of the game’s best features is the ability to play custom user-generated maps. Players can design the maps on their computers by following the instructions on Undead Hunt’s page, then transfer the map over their device and start killing zombies in their own custom environments." Capsule Computers
"The first thing I’d like to point out are the controls. I was a bit reluctant due to the fact I was playing a strategy game on a touchscreen, but I must say, I’m quite impressed. The simplicity and ease of controlling the battlefield honestly blew me away." Indie Game HQ
Garret Sroka - March 23, 2013 - Version 2.8.9
⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ So epic
The storyline is awesome and how you could choose different game modes and give them all types of weapons from handgun to assault rifle You made the best game out there, barbasoft team keep it up.


Undead hunt restoration project has started

Some news after a lot of time. Undead hunt is up again in the play store. It’s the last version, but it still working.

I already have a working upgraded version (only small fixes, and some code updates to make it work better in the newer version of android ), and it shall be released in the next days.

I take this opportunity to thank the Facethesound team, where i work, for the time they let me spend on this hobby project :D.

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Privacy Policy

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Cheats: How to

!!(ONLY for those who bought the “Cheater Pass”)!!

To activate the cheats:

  1. Make sure you are in “Offline mode”. To go offline: (a) open the options menu (from the main menu); (b) press “Scoreboard setting”; (c) tick the “Offline” box on the left and confirm (see image at the bottom of the post);
  2. From the Main menu: “Continue” or start a new level;
  3. Press the BACK button to open the Main menu;
  4. Press the “CHEATS!” button and select the desired cheats, then press confirm and confirm again;
  5. Press the BACK button to close the Main menu – DO NOT press the “Continue” button at the center of the display!
  6. And you’re done! Play the level with the cheats on.

Offline mode:

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Crafting (1.0.2)

Undead Hunt introduces crafting in the new update.

Most weapons have given a durability score. It decreases every time you start a map with the weapon equipped, and map after map, it will deplete; once this happens the weapon breaks and is removed from the list of equipable weapons. As it is right now, a weapon has enough durability to be used for 10 straight maps.
Durability serves the purpose of making the weapon selection a little more engaging, as the player can’t simply keep on choosing the best weapons combo anymore. And of course also the crafting itself should make the whole thing more interesting, with the player gathering resources and evaluating what to make out of them.
We’re still looking how to further expand the crafting, adding items and making it more organic.

Crafting is based on two resources:
-wood (mostly harvested from barricades that are still intact at the end of the level);
-metal (mostly harvested by killing special zombies).

The crafting mechanic is thus simple: the player (through the crafting menu) can build items by spending those resources; each item has a cost and the player has a pool of gathered resources to spend, he can freely build items as long as he has enough resources for it.

  1. The amount of materials, wood and metal, you have.
  2. The amount of weapons of this type in inventory.
  3. The materials cost to build the weapon.
  4. Craft the weapon by tapping this button! (if it is grayed out, then you lack the materials).

For people who don’t want to be bothered by the crafting aspect, they can make the durability of the wanted weapon permanent by paying a small fee; also some extra weapons are available to unlock in this way.

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Undead Hunt updated (1.0.1)

A little update has been released for Undead Hunt, it’s starting to become visible worldwide as of now.
It’s mainly a stability patch, fixing some small stuff.

And now we are working on adding crafting to the game!

Stay tuned.

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First set up barricades with the furniture on the map and lay down traps; then face the horde managing your weapons, timely using grenades and molotovs, and repairing the barricades.

  • 3 game modes: Story (free), Survival and Arcade
  • 8 placeable traps
  • Several primary and secondary firearms
  • Special enemies
  • 23 maps for the Story Mode
  • possibility to load user generated maps


OUT NOW! Get it on Google Play

The Full Edition is FREE, no ads and no privacy invasion; it contains the full Story mode.
Undead Hunt is available for Android through Google Play™.

Undead hunt now is free, no ads, no premium content, no in app purchases and no to any hassle or privacy concern. this project have no financial expectation and is maintained by me, Riccardo Ghezzi, as i like: free and hasslefree.

Yet, this mean also that it will be not so actively supported. as some of you should already have noticed :D.


Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

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