About Us

BarbaSoft Team consists of two people.

Riccardo Ghezzi
Riccardo Gasperi

A noob artist who reluctantly gave up is strict routine of lazing and performing rituals to entice Jullian Gollop for a new X-Com game. He is responsible for the graphics of the game and the web site.
Doom, ROTT and UFO Enemy Unknown were the starting points of his videogamer experience. Serving as Game Master for an unofficial Ultima Online shard and as Dungeon Masters for pen&paper Dungeon&Dragons sessions with his friends, rose interest about the “behind the scenes” aspect too. He attended a comic course.

Chronicles of a game

A long long time ago (more than 2 years), our two heroes decided to make a game. Originally the idea was to make a cyberpunk game for PC (using XNA iirc), a sort of isometric action adventure with a hacking part. There was just some talks and a couple of concepts behind this idea, before it was ditched for being too complicated. Following the idea of a “barbarians vs alien robots” top down action game arose, but again no real work was made. We where just throwing around ideas, because the programmer was still working on another project at the time.

When finally both members of the team were free, we came to a decision and started working for this tactical-strategy game for the Android platform, that ended up being Undead Hunt. We also had an Open Beta; the game at the time was called “TSUZP! a zombie tale”; (TSUZP standing for “The Still Unnamed Zombie Project”), scoring an average rating of 4.3 over 200 reviews.

It took a long time to complete it; at the beginning in some instances, we were sort of advancing blindly (the artist was/is the ultimate noob about developing). But well, we made it.

Special thanks

(People not actually part of the team)

  • TilEd – The savior. Awesome map editor.
  • The Mistery Guy! – It’s a mystery…
  • The Acra team – They made a very nice tool for crash reporting. I used acra for this game, and i really suggest you all to use it for every crash reporting need you may had.
  • Soundsnap – Cheap, professional made sound effects for every situation. if you need a sound effect, Soundsnap it’s there to help you. Quite every sound effects in this game is by Soundsnap.
  • Freesound – Another great sound effects repository, everything in creative commons license. I’ve used 2 or 3 no attribution sounds from Freesound in this game.
  • Kevin MacLeod – All the music in this game is made by this great guy. Thousand of high quality music scores available under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”. Too nice to be real, but real nonetheless. Thank you for existing.
  • Simone “onizuka” Ghezzi – The “english” guy. (for every translation error, blame him! ;D )
  • The useless betatesters team – Uccio! Thank for tell me for things like: “there is a crash” and telling me no more, or send me no report at all. That was useful indeed. :D
  • The somewhat usefull betatester team – Simone “Onizuka” Ghezzi, Maxxillo. Thanks for actually point out shortcomings in the game, help me finding some bugs, and for patiently test over and over again the first levels.
  • Our families – Thanks to everyone for listening rants over the game. Special mention to the programmer cat, to impatiently waiting for him to finish coding and start playing with her.
  • Google – Android is just great (just like the majority of Google’s products) and so much nerd friendly.