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Crafting (1.0.2)

Undead Hunt introduces crafting in the new update. Most weapons have given a durability score. It decreases every time you start a map with the weapon equipped, and map after map, it will deplete; once this happens the weapon breaks

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Undead Hunt updated (1.0.1)

A little update has been released for Undead Hunt, it’s starting to become visible worldwide as of now. It’s mainly a stability patch, fixing some small stuff. And now we are working on adding crafting to the game! Stay tuned.

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Undead Hunt released!

We proudly announce the release of Undead Hunt. Get it now on Google Play™! Press Release PR_2013_05_Undead_Hunt_Android_launch Pricing model Enjoy!

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Pricing model

Undead Hunt is available for Android through Google Play™. The Basic Edition is FREE, albeit advertising-supported; it contains the full Story mode. Optional special passes are purchasable In-app, for extra features and support: Premium Pass (3.99$) – Disable the in-game

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