Cheats: How to

!!(ONLY for those who bought the “Cheater Pass”)!!

To activate the cheats:

  1. Make sure you are in “Offline mode”. To go offline: (a) open the options menu (from the main menu); (b) press “Scoreboard setting”; (c) tick the “Offline” box on the left and confirm (see image at the bottom of the post);
  2. From the Main menu: “Continue” or start a new level;
  3. Press the BACK button to open the Main menu;
  4. Press the “CHEATS!” button and select the desired cheats, then press confirm and confirm again;
  5. Press the BACK button to close the Main menu – DO NOT press the “Continue” button at the center of the display!
  6. And you’re done! Play the level with the cheats on.

Offline mode:

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