Crafting (1.0.2)

Undead Hunt introduces crafting in the new update.

Most weapons have given a durability score. It decreases every time you start a map with the weapon equipped, and map after map, it will deplete; once this happens the weapon breaks and is removed from the list of equipable weapons. As it is right now, a weapon has enough durability to be used for 10 straight maps.
Durability serves the purpose of making the weapon selection a little more engaging, as the player can’t simply keep on choosing the best weapons combo anymore. And of course also the crafting itself should make the whole thing more interesting, with the player gathering resources and evaluating what to make out of them.
We’re still looking how to further expand the crafting, adding items and making it more organic.

Crafting is based on two resources:
-wood (mostly harvested from barricades that are still intact at the end of the level);
-metal (mostly harvested by killing special zombies).

The crafting mechanic is thus simple: the player (through the crafting menu) can build items by spending those resources; each item has a cost and the player has a pool of gathered resources to spend, he can freely build items as long as he has enough resources for it.

  1. The amount of materials, wood and metal, you have.
  2. The amount of weapons of this type in inventory.
  3. The materials cost to build the weapon.
  4. Craft the weapon by tapping this button! (if it is grayed out, then you lack the materials).

For people who don’t want to be bothered by the crafting aspect, they can make the durability of the wanted weapon permanent by paying a small fee; also some extra weapons are available to unlock in this way.

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