How to CHEAT (click here).

Please forward to us any problem you may encounter.

The game has been made for a screen resolution of 800×480 or greater. While we strove to support the smaller resolutions, minor issues with the menus may occur; so screen resolution less than 800×480 are not “officially supported”.

Slowdowns may be experienced while new ads are loaded; performance should promptly return to normal.
If you feel the performance to be overall not good enough (aka the game feels sluggish all the time), access the “Options” menu and lower (or zero it) the “blood trails” amount; at worst disable the interactive layer too.

This game use Google Analytics (in the anonymized mode).
Questionable permissions explanation:

  • WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE = used to export or import the database of the game.
  • INTERNET = used by adMob and tap4tap to get the ads, to download the expansion file and for google analytics.
  • WIFI_STATUS & NETWORK_STATUS = used to check if data connection is avalable for the download of the expansion file, and for google analytics.
  • CHECK_LICENSE = used to check if an expansion files is available…it’s free, there is no license to check :D.
  • WAKE_LOCK = used only during the expansion package download, to prevent the cpu (and not the screen) from sleeping.

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